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It’s with immense pleasure that UHF welcomes you back for the 2nd time for the EAHF Conference 2016.  EAHF has grown stronger over the years since we held the initial EAHF Conference in Uganda in 2012.  We will endeavor to make your experience in Uganda, and at the EAHF Conference, memorable. This year our theme is “The role of the private sector in attaining the health related sustainable goals”.There are many issues to discuss and I hope that all delegates who attend will walk away with a wealth of information and contacts. I  wish all delegates success during this important regional event that will examine the challenges for the East African Region and beyond.  

Dr. Ian Clarke, Chairman Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF) 

The citizens of East Africa are demanding better quality of services at affordable prices. This has opened up new opportunities for the private sector which has led to innovations through technology which is already making a major impact throughout both the urban and rural areas. Substantial investment will be needed to meet the growing demand – largely from low and middle-income households, which comprise 70% of Africa’s purchasing power.

Dr. Amit Thakker, Chairman, Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) 

 We have witnessed a lot of interest in healthcare investments in the last decade, not only in the east African region but in the whole of Africa. Somehow everyone is realizing that Africa made a mistake somewhere, and one of the consequences of that mistake is the high number of Africans traveling abroad to seek quality hi-tech medical care. Today we cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes as we move towards the implementation of the Sustainable   Millennium Development Goals. African must come together and chart the right way forward.

And the place for Africa and the rest of the world to meet and discuss healthcare investments and initiatives is at the East Africa Healthcare Federation 5th Conference in Kampala, Uganda

Dr. Samwel Ogillo, CEO of Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA)

The objective of the conference is to lobby & encourage governments to avoid burdensome interventions on the private health sector, to simplify regulations and to open dialogue so private sector activities are better understood. Africa has great opportunities in the health sector, and the EAHF Conference 2016 is a wonderful opportunity to explore them

Dr. Gerard Ngendahimana, CEO of Rwanda Healthcare Federation (RHF) 

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There are opportunities to partner, sponsor and exhibit at the EAHF Conference 2016. Interested parties kindly get in touch with Gigi Mulira Magezi, the Conference Director on email gmulira@uhfug.com or 0755 785 751.  You can also register on www.eahf.net