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Early in May, 2012, healthcare umbrella associations of East African countries met in Kampala, Uganda, to adopt the formation of the East African Health Care Federation (EAHF). The Organisations that agreed to form the EAHF were the Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania (APHFTA), the Uganda Healthcare Federation (UHF), the Kenya Health Care Federation (KHF), and the Rwanda private health sector. Burundi and Southern Sudan are expected to join the federation in the near future. The adoption took place at a 3 day private health sector conference organised by the Uganda Healthcare Federation.

The conference attracted private healthcare providers and their associations from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. Also attending the conference were high-level government officials from Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, led by the heads of Public–Private Partnership in their respective ministries of health. The conference was graced by Uganda’s Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, the Ministry of Health Director General, and the Minister of Health and Minister for the East African Community. Key regional business leaders in healthcare products manufacturing and service delivery, as well as development partners and academicians, participated in the conference, pledging to support the newly born healthcare federation.With the formation of East African Common Market, the East African private health sector has realised the need to form a federation that will form a common platform to present regional private healthcare issues.

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