AHBS to spearhead formation of Africa Healthcare Federation

AHBS to spearhead formation of Africa Healthcare Federation

Healthcare demands in Africa are changing and healthcare systems are at a turning point. The reforms that governments undertake over the next decade will be crucial in improving overall health in the continent. Over the last twenty years, Africa’s population has increased by 2.5 percent per year and in 2015 the number of people living in the continent has been set at 1.17 billion1.  This is expected to rise to about 2.4 billion by 2050, with some of the countries doubling or even tripling their numbers; making Africa the region with the largest population growth2.

Rapid population growth calls for governments, development agencies, and the private sector to collaborate on strategic investments as well as planning so as to power Africa’s future and to address the current challenges many African countries face in regard to weak institutional capacities, infrastructural deficits, substantial income inequalities and high poverty rates.

Despite these challenges, the African region is experiencing steady economic growth due to domestic and external conditions, and predictions for the coming years remain favorable, with growth rates ranging between 5-6 %, well above the world average of 2.2 percent3.   The role of the private sector is increasing and widely recognized by the international community as the engine for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

The impact that such growth has on the healthcare sector in particular is that a growing urban middle class is willing to pay for better treatment widening the door to the private sector, which is starting to play a new vibrant role, often working in partnership with donors and governments to provide better healthcare services and increased access to medicine at an affordable price.

Substantial investment will be needed to meet the growing demand – largely from low and middle-income households, which comprise 70% of Africa’s purchasing power.

There has been a paradigm shift in the relationship between public and private sector over the past years in Africa. This enhanced dialogue progress has created a positive trend in enhancing Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s)  in health on the continent.

The countries in the regions that share culture, traditions and challenges have federated to jointly combat the high burden of disease within its own boundaries by sharing knowledge and resources to improve overall health for its citizens.  We have noticed that the East African, West African, South African, Central African and North African private sectors will all soon harmonise its regional federations towards a positive output to health thus ensuring the momentum is maintained.

The aim of the Africa Healthcare Business Symposium is to provide this platform for intra-regional discussion so as to further strengthen the roles played by both the private health sector, the public health sector and development partners. Fostering these relationships will play a major role in promoting the PPP dialogue within the regions and countries through the regional unification of private health sectors under a single umbrella – Africa Healthcare Federation.

For more information  or to register for the inaugural Africa Health Business Symposium, visit www.africahealthbusiness.com



The Africa Healthcare Summit 2014 is the only event of its kind to bring large delegations of government ministers, senior hospital directors and healthcare professionals to Europe to network with international healthcare experts, investors and solution providers. The Africa Healthcare Summit is a completely unique opportunity for any company involved in or looking to enter the African health sector.

The leading event in Europe to bring together Ministries of Health, Ministries of Finance, International Investors, Medical Distributors, Hospital CEOs and Directors and many more Key Stake Holders together to discuss the developments and achievements in recent African Healthcare projects and reach conclusions about where to move next within African healthcare investment projects.

For more info, http://www.africahealthcaresummit.com/



The Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) is an annual international conference focusing on policy-related health issues of global significance. The conference is hosted by the Prince Mahidol Award Foundation, the Thai Ministry of Public Health, Mahidol University and other global partners. It is an international policy forum that Global Health Institutes, both public and private, can co-own and use for advocacy and for seeking international perspectives on important global health issues.

The Conference in 2015 will be co-hosted by the Prince Mahidol Award Conference, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, U.S. Agency for International Development, Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Rockefeller Foundation, China Medical Board, and Chatham House with the support from other key related partners. The Conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 26 -31 January 2015.

When: 26 – 31 January 2015

Where: Centara Grand at CentralWorld, Bangkok, Thailand

To find out more you can download:

1. Conference Details

2. Conference Programme

EAHF appreciates its sponsors

EAHF appreciates its sponsors

East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF), through Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) thanked the sponsors of the EAHF 2014 Conference held at the Safari Park earlier this year.

The Conference director and also KHF CEO, Dr. Amit N. Thakker, presented plaques to the Cabinet Secretary Health, Mr. James Macharia, at the Ministry of Health offices on Tuesday 4thNovember, 2014 during the recently held Ministerial Stakeholders Forum.

>Mr. Walter Ookok, KHF Chair, who was also present at the meeting presented to the Cabinet Secretary a plaque to appreciate the Ministry for supporting Public-Private Partnerships.

The Ministry played a vital role in mobilizing stakeholders from the public sector.

On the previous day, the conference director, Dr. Thakker had presented a similar plaque to The World Bank Group at their offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Experts to discuss Medical Tourism and Public Private Partnership at Medic East Africa on 23rd September

Experts to discuss Medical Tourism and Public Private Partnership at Medic East Africa on 23rd September

The Healthcare Management Conference during Medic East Africa will be a top level event which will discuss the current needs, challenges and steps to improving the healthcare system in Kenya. With the current system undergoing changes with the devolution of the government, there is an urgent need to get those involved together to discuss the best ways to improve the quality of health services.  This conference will be a two day event, with the first day focusing on Healthcare Management such as the Role of PPP in Health.  The second day will be looking at Healthcare

Benefits of Attending
• Analyze the role of PPP in health in East Africa
• Explain how to attract the best local resources to your organization
• Discuss the best strategies towards Ebola prevention
• Assess how to best take care of finances in a poor resource setting

• Role of PPP in Health
• Promoting Quality Healthcare in Devolution
• Healthcare Financing
• Human Resources for Health
• Medical Tourism in East Africa – Key Drivers

Keynote Speaker Faculty

Experts believe building local healthcare manpower capacity in East Africa more sustainable in the long run

Experts believe building local healthcare manpower capacity in East Africa more sustainable in the long run

East African healthcare authorities should invest more in their home grown talent to prevent brain drain

Nairobi, Kenya: As medical expertise is becoming more expensive to import, more countries are growing keen on medical tourism. The East African healthcare market needs to develop competence and increase professional capacity by investing more in local talent. This will encourage and grow the confidence of the population in their own doctors.

According to Dr Amit N. Thakker, Co-Founder of Avenue Healthcare, CEO of the Kenya Healthcare Federation and Founder of EAHF, “This is not just a matter of paying our own home grown professionals well, though remuneration is a factor, but we must also build the health sector capacity in terms of facilities and equipment.”

“There is still a negative attitude towards the developing private sector by senior specialists and high level civil servants in the Ministries of Health and the government in several African countries. Until the government develops some real public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the health sector, high level professional services in East Africa will struggle. Especially, since the public sector is inefficient and health workers have become de-motivated,” commented Dr Thakker.

Dr Thakker will be the Activity Director for the event at the Healthcare Management Conference at the 2nd Medic East Africa Exhibition & Congress organised by Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions. Exclusively supported by Kenya Medical Association, Kenya Association of Physicians and East African Healthcare Federation, the event will be held at the Visa Oshwal Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya from 23 -25 September 2014.

Public and Private healthcare sector gather in Lusaka for the 2nd Annual Africa Hospital Expansion Summit

Public and Private healthcare sector gather in Lusaka for the 2nd Annual Africa Hospital Expansion Summit

The second edition of the Africa Hospital Expansion Summit opened its doors on 4th September at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia. After a welcome cocktail on Wednesday evening, the conference was officially declared opened by the Dr. Davy Chikamata, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health of Zambia. The 2 day event, which is being organised by Noppen in partnership with the East Africa Healthcare Federation, hosted delegates from 13 different African countries, as well as representatives from Europe, the USA, India, Brazil and the Middle East.

Also present at the event from EAHF were Dr Ian Clarke Chairman of Uganda Healthcare Federation and Founder of the International Medical Group. The Directors of Kenya Healthcare Federation included Mr Mark Achola of AAR Health Services and Dr Kanyenje Gakombe of Metropolitan Hospitals. Rwanda Healthcare Federation was represented by the President of Rwanda Medical Association, Dr Kayitesi Kayitenkore.


Countries from Southern Africa which included Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa and Mauritius participated at a private meeting with EAHF officials on the “Road Ahead” in forming umbrella private healthcare federations with and ultimate aim towards Africa Healthcare Federation which will be a world class membership organisation to engage governments and stakeholders in improving the overall healthcare environment for private business in the health sector.

Topics discussed included not only new hospital projects, but also how to improve the quality of care, ways to find new funding for healthcare projects and the latest healthcare technology. Representatives from both the public and private sector.

Tanzanian Minister for Health & Social Welfare to officially open the East Africa Healthcare Summit

Tanzanian Minister for Health & Social Welfare to officially open the East Africa Healthcare Summit

EA Health Summit Chairman Dr Amit N. Thakker introduces the Tanzanian Minister for Health & Social Welfare to officially open the East Africa Healthcare Summit in Dar es Salaam on 1st July


His Excellency Dr Seif Seleman Rashid, the Honourable Minister for Health & Social Welfare in Tanzania,opened the East Africa Healthcare Summit today with a big welcome to the 200+ key stakeholders in healthcare from across the region and delivered a key note address on the recent developments and current state of East Africa’s fast evolving healthcare sector. The summit is taking place at the water front Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dar es Salaam, 1st & 2nd July.

 Dr Amit N. Thakker, Chairman of the East African Health Platform and the CEO of Kenya Healthcare Federation led the Panel Discussion on Creating Business Opportunities in Healthcare in East Africa with opinions shared from Philips East Africa, Regency Medical Center, Lubaga Hospital Kampala and many more. This not to be missed stakeholders discussion gave regional case studies and insight to the opportunities in private hospital development in boosting rates across the region.

Dr Amit N. Thakker welcomes His Excellency Dr Seif Seleman Rashid, the Honourable Minister for Health & Social Welfare in Tanzania, while Selena Moseley from Oliver Kinross looks on.


Representation from all EA states private sector was very evident – Uganda ( Dr Ian Clarke) , Tanzania ( Dr Sam Ogillo) , Rwanda ( Dr Jean Nyirinkwaya) and Burundi ( Professor Evariste Ndabaneze).

With support from the EAHF and East African Health Platform and our other supporting organisations, this two day conference, exhibition and networking event is attended by over 14 different nations across Africa and Europe.

The Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Health Burundi, Dr Nizigiyimana Dionis presented a case study on the health system of Burundi, PPP, and announced their strategic directions and conditions for success. Dr Isaac Ezati the Director Health Services (Planning & Development) from the Ministry of Health Uganda also shared their countries strategic investment plans and the future outlook for the health sector in Uganda.

Vice President of Health Services at Aga Khan University, Salim Hasham  opened the second day at the exciting conference, followed by the key note address from the Ministry of Health Kenya’s Head PPP Unit, Dr Samuel  were presenting the opportunities, collaborations and innovations in Kenya’s health sector and creating understanding of the current health dynamics in Kenya.

The popular government led panel discussion will bring together the Ministries of Health from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi delved into depth on the Public & Private Partnerships (PPP)in East Africa and give a chance for the audience to ask questions directly to their leaders.

GE Healthcare, Phillips , Siemens, Medtronic, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, El-Hanan, GenKey, Wolters Kluwer Health, Bio Zeg Kenya Ltd, Linet, Qiagen and Tanita are sponsors of the summit, hosting one on one meetings and showcasing their world leading products in the exhibition space.

Oliver Kinross were proud to host such a high level event in Dar Es Salaam.

Further information about this summit is available on the event website www.eahealthsummit.com

EAHF is a Federation that comprises membership from Tanzania (APHFTA) , Kenya (KHF) , Uganda (UHF) , Rwanda ( RHF) and Burundi (BHF).

2nd Annual Africa Hospital Expansion Summit

2nd Annual Africa Hospital Expansion Summit

The East Africa Healthcare Federation will be partnering with the Noppen Group in organising the 2nd edition of the Africa Hospital Expansion Summit.

Dr. Amit N Thakker, Founder of the East Africa Healthcare Federation and Chair of the EA Health Platform hosted by East Africa Business Council, will chair this summit, which will focus on the upgrade and development of hospital and healthcare projects in Africa.

The hospital sector is undergoing undeniable growth in the entire African continent, stimulated by increased active government focus on healthcare expansion. In the coming ten years, not only an extra 500.000 to 650.000 beds are being built, in the Sub-Saharan healthcare, market investments up to $35 billion are said to be made by 2016. In Zambia alone, government is constructing district hospitals in every region and is planning for 400 new medical centres.

Opportunities for the supply of hospital equipment, instrumentation, machinery and other products and services are unprecedented. At the 2nd Africa Hospital Expansion Summit, government officials, construction companies, doctors, management groups and hospital owners will go in discussion with consultants, architects, medical companies, equipment providers and service groups, in order to better explore the market and support project development.

Key issues to be addressed at the 2014 event are:


  • Outlook of the Africa healthcare & hospital sector
  • Key Drivers for the Tremendous Growth of the Hospital Industry in Africa
  • Understanding the Hospital Market Operations and its Differences across Africa
  • Defining New and Upcoming Projects


  • Government Initiatives and Investments: Latest Updates
  • Understanding Legislation and Compliance
  • How to Deal with Alleged Corruption and Mismanagement?


  • Foreign Investors’ Interest in Africa: Short and Midterm Expectations
  • Finding and Guaranteeing Investments
  • How to Qualify for Hospital Grants and Funding
  • Successfully Establishing a Public-Private Partnership in the Health Sector
  • Ensuring Future Investments

Design & Construction

  • Planning and Design of Hospital Projects
  • How to integrate innovative equipment and construction materials in design
  • Case Studies of successful projects
  • New build or renovation? Pros & Cons


  • Understanding Africa from the Suppliers’ Viewpoint: Expectations from the Market towards Suppliers
  • Purchasing Optimisation: Dealing with Cost Control and Operational Efficiency
  • Which equipment is lacking from hospitals in Africa & how to procure it
  • Technology & Healthcare : m-health & e-health

Quality Assurance for patient & hospital

  • Insights into the Challenges of Hospital Management
  • Tailoring Insurance Strategies to the African Hospital Industry: Defining risks and challenges
  • Clinical Governance: Maintaining and Improving the Quality of Patient Care
  • How Innovative HR Solutions can Support your Hospital Performance
  • Enhancing Hospital Quality levels
  • A look at the capitations system

Early confirmed speakers include:

  • Dr. Amit Thakker – Chairman – East Africa Healthcare Federation & CEO – Kenya Healthcare Federation, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Dr. Ian Clarke – Chairman – Uganda Healthcare Federation & Executive Chairman – International Medical Group, Kampala, Uganda
  • Dr. Samuel Ogillo – CEO – Association of Private Health Facilities in Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Dr. L. Kansoka – Managing Director – University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Dr. Merissa Kambani – President – Private Hospitals Association of Zimbabwe & Managing Director – The Avenues Clinic, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Mr. Michael Fischer – Office Director Southern Africa – DEG Invest, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Mr. Keith Bonsall – Co-Founder & Co-Director – Halcom Management Services, South Africa
  • Dr. Tony De Coito – Managing Director – Healthshare, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Ms. Edwina Fleming – Africa Health Sector Leader – JohnStaff Health