EAHF Conference Overview

EAHF 2014 Conference – Executive Summary

The 2014 conference themed “Creating Business Opportunities in Healthcare in East Africa” was full of exceptional presentations with some significant insights into the industry. This report represents a comprehensive summary of all activities during the conference and sets the stage with a reflection on the proceedings and highlights of the conference.

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Cabinet Secretary for Health – Mr. James W. Macharia at the EAHF 2014 Conference


All of us who work in the healthcare sector are passionate about embracing quality and accessible healthcare for all as a basic right. A strong effort from all stakeholders is needed to encourage progress towards a more promotive and preventative healthcare system in the East Africa region. Sector engagement and collaboration in order to achieve universal access to quality healthcare is the cornerstone of primary healthcare. Public private partnerships, human resources and training needs, regulation, healthcare financing standards and ethics are important concerns for the health sector. Likewise, medical travel and social enterprises are continuing to play an important role in the medical industry in the region. Health promotion and access to services are core functions of public health, both effective and cost effective in reducing the burden of disease and in mitigating the social and economic impact of disease. Ultimately, all of the functions of a well operating health system exist to better serve the people. Collaboration between all health-related stakeholders is key to achieving this. As the Cabinet Secretary for Health, I am happy with the work being done by the Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) the host of the 3rd Annual East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF) Conference for 2014.

Welcome message from Rwanda Healthcare Federation – EAHF 2015

It’s my pleasure to take this opportunity to share with you my warm invitation to attend the fourth EAHF conference in Kigali, Rwanda. Rwanda is a beautiful country of 11 million people, renowned for our international tourism. It is my great hope you attend and share our beautiful town, comfortable accommodation and friendly people.

The 2015 EAHF conference will be an occasion to share the progressmadeby private and public services in healthcare promotion.We invite all our Kenyan neighbours, fellow East Africa healthcare Federation members, Rwandan people and our partners across the East African region to attend and contribute their own learnings and experiences. For that your contributions are welcome.

You are welcome to Kigali, Rwanda in 2015.

Dr. Jean Nyirinkwaya

Chairman, RHF


EAHF 2014 Delegate List

Download the master list of delegates who participated in the EAHF Conference 2014: Creating Business Opportunities in Healthcare in East Africa