Frequently Asked Questions

About the conference

What is the conference all about?

The East Africa Healthcare Federation (EAHF) 2018 Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is an East African private health sector driven event. EAHF constitutes of country private health sector federations from the 7 East African countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Burundi).

The conference serves as a platform to openly discuss and encourage the regions governments to carry out reform programs that would foster public private partnerships in healthcare. In addition the conference is a great place to network with key players in from the region as delegates come from various dimensions: corporate businesses, development partners, and private sector.

What is the main focus of the conference?

The conference theme this year is “Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Digital Technology in Africa,” the objective of the conference is to improve the use of technology both in the public and private sectors to address SDGs.

Why is this conference important?

This conference is important because it is the only regional healthcare conference organized by the private health sector for the overall private health sector. Furthermore the conference will attract key players in the regional healthcare space like senior government officials, senior management of private healthcare businesses, and key development partners in health – making it a great place to increase your network and business opportunities.

Who are the main conference attendees?

The main conference attendees are private for profit healthcare players from the East African region as they are the members of EAHF. In addition the conference attracts senior management and decision makers from both the public as healthcare development sector.

How much does registration cost?

Registration to the EAHF 2018 conference as a delegate is free of cost. However you need to pre-register via the REGISTER button on our website.

Why should I attend as a delegate?

You should attend the EAHF 2018 conference as it is a great platform to increase your knowledge by attending the different sessions where key persons in the healthcare space will present and discuss their experiences. Furthermore the special networking events and exhibition space offers a good opportunity for you to increase your network and thereby increasing growth opportunities for your business.

Why should the private sector attend?

The private sector should attend because it is an event organized by the private sector itself and you can therefore be sure that the sectors current concerns, topics and debates in relation to the financial sustainability of healthcare delivery systems are well represented. In addition to create a strong EA private healthcare sector platform and representation, we encourage esteemed and respected private players to be present during this event.

Travel Information

Travel Information

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in East Africa whose landscapes are diverse in both scale and beauty. You can trek more than 3000m above sea level (the Simien and Bale mountains) or visit the lowest place on the African continent, the Danakil Depression. In between, there are lush highlands, deserts, canyons and savannah, vast lakes and high plateaus.  Ethiopia is only African country to have escaped European colonialism; the country has retained much of its cultural identity and rich history. Ancient Aksum with its obelisks and echoes of the Queen of Sheba; unlike so many other places in Africa, the ancients here left behind some extraordinary monuments to faith and power, which serve as focal points for so many wonderful journeys.

Accommodation Information

Hotels and the negotiated rates for EAHF delegates

Hotels and the negotiated rates for EAHF delegates

Hotels Recommended for EAHF 2018 –

July 8-10, 2018


Sheraton Addis

Contact information: Mr. Begashaw Kassaye (

*Airport transfer is free


Radisson Blu

Standard room rate 140 USD per night

Business room rate 190 USD per night

Contact information: Mr. Henok Nigatu (

*Airport transfer costs 7 USD per person per way



Standard room rate single 95 USD per night

Standard room rate double 115 USD per night

Contact information: Ms. Mekides Teferi (

*Airport transfer is free


Capital Hotel

Standard room rate single 106 USD per night

Business room rate single 122 USD per night

Contact information: Ms. Rahel Teka (

*Airport transfer is free


Saro Maria

Standard room rate single 90 USD per night

Contact information: Ms. Yanet Theodros (

*Airport transfer is free


Please Note: When making reservations, please mention the East African Healthcare Federation. All rates listed above are subject to additional service charge and tax.



How can I book alternate accommodation ?

Room Type Rates (USD)
Single Twin /Double
Speke Hotel



 Shangri-La Hotel

104 119
Imperial Royal 135 0
Grand Imperial 100 0

For alternative accommodation options, please click here

Is there an agent who can book for me?

EAHF does not have any appointed agents to book alternate accomodations. You can book yourself into an alternate hotel by contacting them directly through the contact details provided here