We believe “a healthy society is a happy and productive society”! And based on this premise our vision is to enable transformation in healthcare access and delivery in Ethiopian (and beyond), through an innovative, efficient, affordable, and scalable solutions. 


Orbit Health, aims to provide health IT solutions throughout Ethiopia and across sub-Saharan Africa; small and large healthcare facilities have a need to increase their care delivery capacity and meet the overwhelming and growing demand for quality care. Orbit Health offers an integrated and inter-operable healthcare management system designed to solve such problems. 


Our Focus:  

  • Enabling medical facilities gain a streamlined operation and a well-managed medical practice.
  • Increasing access to doctors, deliver expedited care, and improve continuity of patient.
  • Helping to deploy innovative, affordable, and scalable solutions.
  • Providing local and capable resource that can be a consultant and local implementation partner to design, develop, and deploy health information technology solutions (gap analysis, requirement assessment, solution design, implementation and training).

Our Objective:

Orbit Health’s commitment is to align and support Ethiopia’s Health Sector Transformation agenda by enabling health information technology readiness through:

  • Local capacity building – developing local talent and highly capable human resource.
  • Creating a flexible, scalable, and easily adaptable local health technology solutions.
  • Aligning and partnering with both government and non-government facilities and organizations to accelerate transformation in health care.
  • Enabling local health eco-system, to improve data-driven decision making, championing innovation so that equitable and quality health service delivery can be widely attainable in Ethiopia and beyond.



Orbit Health  

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Haile Gebresilase St. Getahun beshah Bldg,
Office #810 +251-911-519-123 info@orbithealth.co