Dr. Itunu Akinware (MBCHB, MBA)

Executive Secretary, Healthcare Federation of Nigeria

Dr. Itunu Akinware is a medical doctor specialized in health management systems. Following her medical degree she obtained the MBA degree from the prestigious Lagos Business School- Pan African University.

Her quest for development of superior health systems led her to understudy this in various countries such as the UAE, UK,USA and India. She has been involved in various consultancy and business development projects with various bodies and Healthcare organizations which include a Consultancy project with the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group.

Dr Akinware is the Managing Director of Medbury Medical Services. With two facilities in Lagos State and Rivers State, Nigeria , MMS ,is one of the first fully dedicated occupational health and safety centers in Nigeria.

She also sits as the Executive Secretary of the Healthcare Federation of Nigeria (HFN), an organization that serves as an umbrella body of all Nigerian Healthcare organizations and associations within the private sector.