Jan Schmitz-Huebsch

Director of Business Development and Projects

Munich Health Daman Holding (MHDH)

Jan Schmitz-Huebsch is the Director of Business Development and Projects at Munich Health Daman Holding (MHDH), a joint venture between the healthcare division of Munich Re and Daman, Abu Dhabi’s National Health Insurance Copmany.

In this role he oversees the development of health insurance ventures, products and solutions for the company with a focus on Africa and the Middle East.

Prior to joining the firm, Jan Schmitz-Huebsch was a Principal in Booz & Company’s Global Healthcare Practice with a focus on healthcare finance strategy. He has previously advised emerging market governments on overall healthcare system reform and the introduction of governmental health insurance. He possesses broad knowledge in healthcare finance concepts, international healthcare systems and the program management of large-scale transformation projects.